Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I've been looking a lot at Kaiju and Tokusatsu and have been really inspired by it. I decided to use that as a theme for my scholarship book. As a kid I loved Godzilla and Power Rangers so I've been having a lot of fun using something so nostalgic to me as a subject. I wanted these pieces to just be ridiculous and funny so I created characters that are complete knock offs of Power Rangers, Ultraman, and Godzilla/ Gamera
 Gouache and acrylic ink
 The Red Morpher! I really was inspired by Mark Todd with this one
 The Pink Morpher!

 "Sonicman 7" woodblock and silkscreen 
woodblock, silkscreen, and transfer on tiepolo paper


  1. that pink ranger one is my favorite. is it a print? can i have one?

  2. hahah thank you sir, oh no its actually gouache and acrylic ink